Thinking about getting your business online or creating a course? 

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Don't waste time creating your course until you have validated & presold it!


If you want a sure fire way to guarentee launch success then follow my 10-step proven process for validating your course.

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Have you got a great idea & just want to get on with creating it? 


Are you nervous about getting started, in case no one buys?


Have you ever launched a product or course and had disappointing sales?


If your answer to either of these questions is YES, then read this very carefully


Guarantee Your Launch Success

We all get excited when we have an idea for a product, course or programme yet if you don't want to launch to crickets and have disappointing (or worse still, no sales), you need to validate your course idea first. Part of the proof of validation is making sales before you even start writing content.


​I know it's tempting but PLEASE don't launch head long into creating your course or product content BEFORE you validate first.


In this 27-page step-by-step guide, video and fill in the blank templates, I'm providing you with a methodical process that if you follow to the letter will guarantee you have validated your product or course and pre-sold it BEFORE you even start developing it.


When I launched my 6-figure mastermind programme, I followed this process and it helped me:

  • Pinpoint exactly who my ideal target customer is
  • Understand the key benefits (and translate into marketing messages)
  • Refine my offering and add in additional modules
  • Work out the best delivery mechanism & length for the programme
  • Presale over $7.3k BEFORE I even started writing the programme (scary - but it gave me confidence my audience wanted the programme)

27-Page Step-By-Step Guide, Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates & Videos

Only $19

This Bundle will Show You How To:

  • Select a Winning Profitable Course Idea

    Learn the step by step process for analysing and researching a product orcourse idea that you KNOW you target audience will want to buy from you.  This will result in your PERFECT PRODUCT OR COURSE IDEA

  • Outline Your Product or Course Idea 

    Now you have selected your winning profitable idea, you need to flesh it out in 2-3 pages.  This section of the book shows you HOW to do this.

  • Creating Eager Focus Groups

    The next step is to create some focus groups to get feedback from.  The book shows you the exact steps  including downloadable surveys and email templates.

  • PRESALE Your Product or Course!

    This is a crucial part of the validation process and will show you how to pre-sell your product or course to a percentage of your validation audience before you have even written one lesson! 


    I have previously sold over $7,000 in this pre-sale stage - it's both exciting and shows you that your audience wants your course/product!

  • Refine Your Course Using The Validation Feedback

    Now you have proper feedback from your target audience you can use this feedback to refine the structure and content of your course/product before you start creating it


    I know it can be tempting when you have a brainwave idea for a new course or product, to just go head long into producing it and getting it out to market. But if they were ever a time to "slow down to speed up" then this is it!


    Follow the steps outlined in this 27-page book: firstly to work out the best theme for your course/product and secondly, to refine the contents, pricing and positioning - based on the validation process.

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    When you buy today you will join the Launch-pad Toolkit membership community and get access to any new future content added to site.

Here is What Readers Of The Guide Had To Said Say...

I followed Rob's validation process, refined my course and made 6 sales before I even started writing it!  It put a fire in me to get it created knowing my audience wanted it!

David Miles

Course Creator

I'd pay 100 times the cost of these tools to get help from Rob.  He has helped me shape my product and deliver a successful launch.

Sophie Walton

Facebook ads consultant

There are so many moving parts to having a successful launch.  Thankfully I followed the ebook's step by step process for testing and then validating my product ideas. I was so excited to my 2 sales before starting and ended up with a 5-figure launch in 1 month! 

Sally Alexander

Schools educator



I want you to be 100% confident in your purchase, so if you try out the tools and templates and they don't work for you, then let me know and you will receive a 100% refund

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