Learn The Steps To Build An Agency That Is Less Dependent On YOU!


Without Compromising Quality, Profits Or Clients


STOP Working 10-Hour Days!

The Self-Running Agency

The Self-Running Agency

3 strategies to building an agency that runs itself

If you want to consistently grow a profitable & sustainable agency and one that is not 100% dependent on YOU, then you need to start by focusing on three key areas:

  • Develop an exciting living plan

    A plan that shows the direction of your agency and one that excites everyone so that they want to come on that journey with you

  • Generate a consistent pipeline of ideal target customers

    This is crucial so that you avoid the famine and feast cycle that so many agencies fall foul of

  • Grow your team​

    Develop and motivate your team, getting them to ‘step up’ and free your time so that you can focus on driving the agency forwards

I read your book last night. I was impressed by the lack of fluff and your honesty. I also appreciated the material was widely applicable. What resonated particularly well with me were two pieces of advice: The story of resisting the call to be all things to all men and the focus on the end result/selling your agency, without looking beyond that.’

Treay Cohen

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Read my story of building a £1.5m agency and learn the crucial 3 areas you need to focus on to build your own Self-Running Agency

What Readers Say

The book is already proving a hit!  Have a look at some reader reviews

I really enjoyed this book and particularly the section on niching and pricing.


I appreciate the honesty that Rob shares and the story telling narrative.


A must read for any agency owner!

Anna Pedroza

Owner, Pedroza Comms

A great read!  


Highly recommended.


Learn from Rob's story and get practical tips on how to build an agency that is less dependent on YOU!

David Miles

MD, The PPC Machine

Rob really knows his stuff and as an agency owner, has a unique perspective to help other agency owners.  The book is packed with useful insights and he shares his 'warts and all' story of how he started, grew and sold his agency

Shelley Hoppe

MD, The Spoon Agency

If you run an agency with staff (or plan to grow a team) then this book is an invaluable guide

I have captured my learnings of starting, growing and selling a successful agency together with 14 years of coaching over 200 agency owners in this brand-new book. It’s part autobiography, as an agency owner and coach, and part guide, showing you the exact steps, you need to take (and specifically the three key areas mentioned above) towards building your own self-running agency.


The book sells on Amazon for £5.99 but for a limited time, you can grab a copy for free.



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